Terms & Conditions


There is no booking system on our page, it only has a contact form where you can make a reservation. After completing the form, the person in charge of the page will contact you by phone or e-mail to make the final confirmation of the reservation.

The “User” is responsible for the accuracy of the details (contact details and transfer details) he/she provides through the contact forms, emails ot by phone. It is his/her responsibility to correctly fill in the contact Form and check the accuracy of the details and informations.

The reservation contact form offered by www. luxurytaxivolos.com is free of any charge, to its users. The User (customer of the transfer service) will have to pay in cash, his/her taxi transfer service provider when arriving at his/her destination.

The User can change or cancel his/her reservation up to 24 hrs before, without any charge.

www.luxurytaxivolos.com can not be held responsible for various unexpected events that might take place before or during your transfer (such as accidents, events of political nature, roads blocked due to extreme natural phenomena or other phenomena of a higher power, extreme adverse driving conditions, unexpected mechanical problems and failures of our vehicles, strikes declared by the local Taxi Unions etc.) which will prevent us from providing you our services as have been agreed. We also can not be held responsible for any damage caused to you due to a delayed arrival at your destination.

In the case of such unforeseen events we will notify you immediately of our inability to provide you with our services and we will provide all possible information in order to help you get alternative modes of transportation.

All prices are inclusive of (VAT). Prices include fuel and vehicle fees, the chauffeurs’ remuneration and legal liability insurance for all passengers.
Prices quoted for all Transfers are in Euros.

Pay in Cash / Credit Card / Debit Card straight to the driver.